Electrical Installation of Equipment

In principle electrical, repair, and / or modification works shall comply with Client Construction Safety manual, Electrical and Radiation.

Any work to be carried out on live electrical parts shall, be property analyzed correct method statement provided, adequate consequent protection taken relevant permitting form owner obtained prior to commencement. CEC will be responsible for the connection to existing power distribution system of temporary electric supply on the construction site, and the safety measures associated with it.

Only qualified electrical personal will be permitted to perform any installation, wiring, troubleshooting or repair of electrical equipment.

All permanent and temporary installation works will be carried out by competent qualified experienced electricians. Prior approval / work permit must be obtained from client.

Efficient and suitably located means should be provided for isolating parts of systems as many be necessary to prevent danger.

While working on distribution board, precautions will include the, following:

  • Connection of cables be made with proper terminals.
  • Electrical circuits shall not be overloaded and will equipped with a proper circuit breaker.
  • Only fuses suitable to the capacity of switches shall be used.
  • No additional wiring to that specified in the client approved wiring plan will be allowed.
  • Boards must be earthed prior to use.

Cables on site are almost inevitable exposed to the risk of damage therefore special care will be taken to ensure that the earthling remains intact.
Any electrical tools, equipment or electrical cord found to be in disrepair shall be tagged, and removed from service to be repaired, replaced and destroyed. All tools shall inspect prior to issuance by the tool crib attendant.

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